Friday, February 16, 2018

Salesforce Lightning : The MVCC Platform

            The Salesforce is a known cloud platform which is run under Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.  For the Salesforce,  the MVC is:

                          Model :-  The Salesforce Data objects (Sobjects)
                          View :-  Visual force markups and HTML tags
                          Controller :- The apex code which driven the business logic's. (Apex class)

The Salesforce Lightning Platform

                      The Salesforce lightning platform is for building an interactive user experience. We can build highly interactive and fast responsive user interfaces with this new platform. The platform defines a set of directives (SLDS) to build responsive UI. The business logic is divided among two controllers for the fast processing.  The Javascript controller which runs in browser, do the 60% of business logic.  The Javascript controller communicates to the Apex controller (Server side controller) if its really required a server side processing or any other data operations from the Model (Sobjects). The View is communicating only with the Javascript controller likewise the Model is communicating only with the Apex controller. We can say, the Lightning is a MVCC platform since it has two controllers which share the business logic.

                                   Model :-  The Salesforce Data objects (Sobjects) 
                                   View :-  Aura markups and HTML tags with SLDS
                                   Controller :- The JavaScript controller that communicate with View
                                   Controller :- The Apex controller that communicate with Model