Tuesday, November 15, 2016


            Salesforce standard quote helps to generate simple quote documents for normal sales process.  The product price, quantity & discount are entering while preparing quote line items.  The discounts are calculated at line item level and summed up in the quote level. Also there are options to add shipping cost and tax amounts at quote level.  

Let’s consider some situations like:
  1. The discount needs to be calculated for the total amount at quote level.
  2. The tax needs to be calculated based on percentages.  
  3. The discount needs to be calculated based on the quantity.
  4. The selling price & discounts needs to be calculated based on subscription model (monthly / yearly)
  5. The selling price & discounts are calculated for bulk products.
  6. Calculate the prices based on territories.
  7. Calculate partner discounts & distributor discounts in percentages.  

The standard Salesforce quote has no options to do above functionalities. The sales person has to manually calculate the discounts & taxes and he has to enter the same in Salesforce for generating an expected quote.

Here comes the role of CPQ (Configure Price Quote). The CPQ has the functionality to configure different product options, price structure, discount structure, tax structure and other different flow of selling process.  It is an application, where anyone can easily configure the products, subscriptions, prices, discounts, quote templates, contacts etc. 

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